Welding Exploration

Material: Steel
Process: MIG Welding
Professor: Chris Perry, Thesis Studio
Fall 2015, RPI

Research and investigation is a large part of the Thesis Studio process at RPI. It comprises about 2/3 of the fall semester and helps form the direction of the thesis proposal. The images below are broken up into two distinct elements of research: formal investigation and production process.

The formal investigation is a series of photos showing the different formal avenues that were explored, including the introduction of secondary materials. To view further development of this project, visit the Avian Magnet thesis project page.

The production process is a series of photos showing the different steps taken throughout the process, from learning to MIG weld to procuring steel rods to fabricating MDF jigs. Processes not shown: cutting rods on the bandsaw, beveling rod edges with belt sander, sand-blasting rods, and adding grooves in rods on the bandsaw.

To view the entire thesis book, please visit the Thesis Page or view the publication here.