Tessellating Program

Professor: Francis Bitonti
Teammate: Cassandra Murray
Spring 2013, RPI

Tessellating Program is a living and learning community that is created through a gradient of privacy. There is a modulation in the room sizes, the organization of spaces, and the amount of wall + screen transparency. There are varying degrees of tesseation on every surface. The level of intricacy and opacity in the tesselation corresponds directly to the programmatic needs of the space that it creates.The tesselation takes on different functions and scales, ranging from intricate carpet pattern to furnituresize to building-scale atrium screen tessellated forms.

The program is organized so that the outer spaces are the most private (dorm rooms) and the inner spaces are the most public (ie. dining hall). The spaces between have varying degrees of privacy, such as semi-shared lounges.

Autodesk Maya, Illustrator, Photoshop, MentalRay, and Rhino were used to create and document this project.