Professor: Ted Krueger + Ajmal Aqtash
Teammate: Victoria Bell
Fall 2014, RPI

NeoPulse is a live/work modular unit project made from repurposed shipping containers. Its goal is to become a hub for young technology start-ups. Inspired by H Architecture’s Incubator Matrix, NeoPulse is a catalyst for economic, social, and cultural development in downtown Detroit.

Two residential unit buildings flank the interior office and work space. The re-purposed shipping containers, which house conference rooms, coffee + lounge spaces, and supply/copy/rooms, act as generators of thought, communication, and innovation in an otherwise completely open warehouse building. The large stair and atrium unify the building and create opportunity for collaboration and social interaction.

This project was completed using Autodesk Revit for modeling, rendering, and drawing purposes during the design and documentation processes. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop were used as supplemental tools to create presentation materials during these processes as well.