Semester Program: Center for Architecture, Science, and Ecology (CASE)
Professor: Demetrios Comodromos
Site: CASE, Downtown Manhattan
Spring 2015, RPI

RPI’s Center for Architecture, Science, and Ecology is in need of a test bed that is able to test CASE environmentally performative technology while curating an experience for visitors. The visitor experience must communicate the benefits of CASE technologies and provoke commonly accepted ideas about building technologies. The CASE technology in Kineticoco is the Coconut panel, which regulates air quality.

KinetiCoco is a kinetic louver system made out of coconut desiccant material (a CASE technology). It combines the demands of coconut as building material, the space-making organization of louvers, and the educational benefits of user operability. The result in a space that demonstrates the potential of CASE technologies.

3D printing, full space mock ups, and coconut material research were involved in the development this project.